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The Magical Misery Tour

Apr 26, 2020

Jesse and Neil return to discuss 6 weeks of quarantine, Neil's first panic attack, and random thoughts on the Tupac Shakur and Janet Jackson film Poetic Justice.

Dec 2, 2019

Jesse and Neil are all alone and sexy on this one.  They discuss the movies at Grandmas house, decapitation during love making, and the temporary HIATUS of the Magical Misery Tour!

@JesseDraham @NeilWoodComedy @MagicMiseryTour

A DropTent Media Production

Nov 15, 2019

Comedian Matt Hyams joins the boys to discuss his French Canadian origins, his new baby, and the astonishing story of his hippy dippy Daddy.

Check Hyams out at, @matt_hyams on twitter, @matthyams on Instagram.

@JesseDraham @NeilWoodComedy @MagicMiseryTour

Nov 7, 2019

Peggy O'Leary (host of Lovable Monsters Podcast with Ryan Foster) joins the boys to discuss family tragedy (seriously...this is your only warning, this was extremely sad), growing up around death, and Jesse's disgustingly cute relationship.

Find Peggy @aunt_peggyo on Instagram and @peggyoleary on Twitter. They run a...

Oct 31, 2019

The boys are joined by comedian Katonya Mosley, host of "The Leak" podcast (with cohost, Rachel Fogletto, episode #35).  We discuss dating older guys, all-girls boarding school, and open mic assaults. The gang also deftly navigate a discussion of the dreaded "N-Word".

Catch her every Sunday night hosting at Fergie's pub...