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The Magical Misery Tour

Oct 18, 2019

Comedian and host of the podcast Alt-Black Brandon Mitchell joins the boys.  We discuss how he left a stranger to die, comedy grudges, and creepy orphans that are actually murderous adults.

Listen to the Alt-Black Podcast with Lemaire Lee (episode 29!) and Keane Cobb. He helps run the Whiz City open mic every Tuesday at...

Oct 9, 2019

We sit down with political activist, elected official, and artist Larry West to discuss all kinds of politics, the Amber Guyger case in Texas, impeachment, and why drone strikes are A-OK!

Find him @MarkSkull, and be sure to visit, Mt. Airy Art Garage, and Darksome Art Fair October...

Oct 3, 2019

Comedian Pete Eckenroth joins Jesse and Neil to discuss high school sex scandals, Produce Junction sex scandals, and the horrors of botched circumcisions.  Find him @PeteEck42 on all the things, and check out Cave comedy open mic every Friday at 17th and Arlington!

@jessedraham @neilwoodcomedy @magicmiserytour


Sep 27, 2019

Paddy Brooke and Eddie Verzella of Dankman Productions join the boys to discuss a recent scooter crash, heroin addiction, and how Jesse made his girlfriend cry.  Also, about 2 hours of DeNiro impressions.

Check out Dankman Productions on YouTube and Facebook.  Go to Boat Mic on the Ben Franklin Yacht at Penn's Landing...

Sep 19, 2019

Comedian John Deary joins to discuss a dying woman with one final wish and cucking a bull in the ultimate cuckception. Also the Gillis SNL issue
Check John out @Oh_deary on Twitter and Instagram. He also hosts "Make Up Or Break Up" with Alyssa Al-Dhooki at Good Good Comedy Theater on the last Saturday of...